wacom cintiq pen doesnt draw correctly in toonboom

for some strange reason, when i try to draw something in toonboom with the wacom cintiq pen, it draws in the wrong place. How do i solve this problem?


Which version of Toon Boom Studio are you using and what is your computer setup?



the version of toonboom is 2.5. and i dont know what you mean by computer setup. However, my computer is Windows XP. I did delete the preference file in the pen tablet settings, but that doesnt fix the problem. It actually fixed the problem the first time, but the problem keeps on coming back no matter how many times i delete the preference file. The problem keeps coming back. does this have something to do with a bug in Toon boom 2.5? this problem does not happen in other drawing programs like Flash, Illustrator, and photoshop. It doesnt even happen in microsoft paint. so there must be a problem with toon boom.


It might indeed have been a bug fixed in newer versions of the software. There was a log of work done on the Wacom support since the release of version 2.5. Have you checked in the trial of version 4.5 to see if you are getting better results with it?

By computer setup I meant the specifications of the machine (video card/ram/processor…)

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This will solve your problem.
ToonBoom uses Quicktime for Wacom driver support, Adobe uses their own drivers in conjunction with Wacom’s. that is why you are experiencing differences in performance.

Now, to fix your problem; I can tell you have 2 monitors (even though you didn’t list that)

open your display preferences (right click on blank area of desktop and select “Properties” in the drop down menu - then select the “settings” tab)

You should see your monitors illustrated in an arranged fashion. You can rearrange the monitors by click and holding the left mouse button and dragging the icons representing the monitors. Align the top pixels of the monitors (even if the monitors are at different resolutions) so they go horizontal in a straight line. - apply your settings and you should be set.

other issues you may encounter is loss of pressure sensitivity.
to solve that, make your Cintiq the Primary monitor and arrange it as the far left monitor.

If you need any clarification let me know.

Also, let us know that it worked.

I’ve had the privilege of testing this program on many set-ups… this is the arrangement that always works.

Notice: if you are powering your Cintiq display from a laptop, you may not be able to make it the primary monitor. If you are not having pressure sensitivity problems that shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are - you will have to switch the Cintiq to being the only monitor ‘On’ or switching to a Desktop style machine.


i tried toon boom 4.5 and my wacom cintiq works fine there. however, no matter what i do, the wacom cintiq doesnt seem to work well with the old toonboom that i have. i might as well upgrade then.

Well, more than one decade ago, with toonboom 20 and I am having the same problem. The screens are in the same level and still I cant get the pen to work properly on toonboom.
How can I fix that?

I know this thread is really old but I just had the same problem and solved it in a way that doesn’t seem to have mentioned elsewhere

In windows, go to ‘display properties’ and make sure ‘change the size of text, apps, and other items’ is set to 100% this appears to be what was causing my offset.

Hope this helps someone.

I would like to share my experience with cintiq 12wx pen misalignment in Toon Boom Storyboard.
I tried all the above mentioned ways, but nothing worked for me.

I am on Win 8.1.
I use my laptop screen as primary and Cintiq as Extended Screen. Each has its own resolution.

I found out that it occurs after I do a Pen\Screen “Calibration” through the Wacom drivers setup window.
This occurs after Calibration, in Toon Boom Storyboard only, all other software do not get affected.

I use Wacom drivers v.6.125.5 which are quite old and the reason is that these drivers are the ONLY Wacom drivers that support individual pen configuration.
I have 4 wacom pens and I configure each pen separately, that is, one soft one medium and one hard as tip sensitivity is concerned, plus other individual features for each pen.
I have not tested the “Calibration” problem with other versions of Wacom drivers, so it might be driver specific.
I think though, that it is good to know another reason of pen misalignment and try to solve it this way.

What I did to solve the problem,
first of all, I avoid calibrating when using T.B. Storyboard,
and second, I setup my pens and Cintiq Express keys and Backup my Wacom Preferences,
so if I do a Calibration in another program and misalignment occurs in T.B Storyboard, I just do a Preferences Remove and then,
a Preference Restore, through the Wacom Preference Utility and pen alignment is back!

It is important that you backup your Wacom Preferences BEFORE doing any Calibration, otherwise, Preferences are saved with the misalignment glitch.

Good Luck

Thank you! I’ve had this problem for about twelve days and I only have my subscription for a month so thank you so much!