Transform tool not working

I am a toon boom newbie and trying to figure out how to use the version 3 software, I was trying to do the tutorial that shows you how to move a plane in the camera vew using the transform tool, but its not working. It wont let me select any object in the camera view.
I am finding this software difficult to learn and any help will be apreciated.


Your post is a bit confusing, it might help if you are more specific as to exactly which tutorial you are trying to follow.

But, based on your post I can make a few assumptions that might help you out. You talked about a “plane” in camera view, I don’t know of any such tutorial that uses an “airplane” as an example but if that is the case then check for the following. Go to the menu Tools>Turn Peg Only Mode Off and select that if it exists which means you have Peg Only Mode On. If it says Turn Peg Only Mode On, then you are fine, as you probably don’t want it turned on for this tutorial. Next, check to see if the object you want to select is attached to a Peg. By attached, I mean that the element label of the object in the time line is directly under the Peg track and it is slightly indented in the label list. If it isn’t indented in the label list it is not attached, and you need to drag the element label on top of the peg label to attach it. Also if there are elements attached to a peg then you will see a small triangle next to the peg’s label and when you click on that triangle the attached elements will be hidden in the label list or if they are currently hidden they will be displayed in the label list. The little triangle is used to collapse the peg and its elements which is a valuable tool you will learn to use in future tutorials. These two things should resolve your selection problems. You can select objects with the scene planning tools in several ways, one way is to click directly on the object in the camera view window. Another way is to click on the object’s element label in the time line.

One other possible source of your problem might be that you need to go to Edit>Preferences to the ScenePlanning tab and under Camera View check the two boxes for Use Box Highlighting and Selection Always Visible.

Of course if you weren’t actually talking about an airplane and you were referring to a object plane in 3D, you still probably need to check all the suggestions above and also make sure you open up the Side View and Top View panels to get a better view of where your objects are in 3D space. As I stated at the beginning it would help if you are more specific as to which tutorial you are trying to follow, but hopefully this reply has helped you. If not ask more questions and we will do our best to get you started. -JK

Thanx alot for the promt reply, I think I know why its not working now, I think that the transform animation only works with version 3.5, this is not realy a full tutorial more like an example found here:

I am just trying to do some basic tweening, say to animate an object from one side to another and I cant work out how to do it without manualy creating it frame by frame.
Another thing that i cant get my head around is when I draw a picture and extend the exposore I dont know how to deactivate a frame so I can change one of the frames without changing all of them.
Any links to any tutorials that may help me would be great.
I am doing all tutorials that I can find, and am getting there slowly.
I studied traditional animation at univeristy so understand the fundmentals of animation, just need to learn how to use the software lol

No, the transform tool works essentially the same in 3.0 and 3.5 but in 3.5 you don’t need to attach an element to a peg because drawing elements have a self contained peg included inside the drawing element.

Please refer to this article about Understanding and Using Pegs as it may help you get a better feel for how to use them.

The easiest way to set the cell for a specific frame or range of frames is to use the Properties panel and go to the Cells tab which lets you select the exact cell you want. Hope this helps, keep asking questions and we will try to assist you getting started. -JK

thanx alot :slight_smile:

About 3.5 new peg system. All drawing get a peg automatically. But in order to use/see motion paths, you still have to attach it to a
“peg” peg in the timeline window. Bummer. While I’m on the motion subject, why doesn’t the motion path, in the camera view or the function editor, have adjustable knots? Like rotation does? It’d be great for walk cycles. You would make a saw tooth path and then, with the contour tool pull the apex knots handle bars out to make a smooth arch. Or just draw the path with the poly line tool and then tell TBS to attach the selected element. It’d be a lot simpler. Oh and multiple control point selection/manipulation would be nice. Phew.
OK I’m done. Sorry for the above short story. Visine anyone?