Toon Boom Studio 4.5 trial seems to not see that quick time is intalled

hello there!

I have downloaded TBS4.5 and upgraded everything (drivers, quicktime…) and each time i push “continue” the program just said that quick time isn’t installed on this computer when i actually installed it!

i tried to uninstall everything and reinstall, same problem. i’m running TBS trial in win 2000 compatibility, so normally it has to be something else…please help me!

Hi,Would it be possible to know under which OS you are currently running and which version of Quicktime is installed on your machine.Best regards,Ugo

Windows XP SP2 and, normally, the last version of quicktime i have been able to found on the internet as toggled in the installation window.

Hi,Try not to use the software in compatibility mode. It may be caused by the fact it tries to detect Quicktime in compatibility mode and can’t manage to do so.Regards.Ugo

the fact is that each time i try to launch TBS without compatibility mode, it just said that the program encoutered an error and has to close…so in both cases i’m stuck

Hi,This is clearly not normal. Toon Boom Studio v4.5 should install without any difficulties under Windows XP SP2. I am not quite sure what is going on with your system but there clearly is something interfering with the installation of the software so make sure to shut down any other software running on your machine while proceeding through the installation. If you have a chance you may also want to test the installer on another machine.Finally you may want to download the trial once more to see if you get better result with a fresh download (if that was not tried yet).Best regards,Ugo

i can try, at least that will give me a better view…just one second i’ll test it right now…download started at the end i’ll try to install it and launch it…and still the same problem…[url=]’s what happen without compatibility mode

Hi,Could you provide us the details of the error maybe there will be a little more information about what exactly is causing the crash.Regards,Ugo

sure, let me take a screenshot of the most valuable error of the century ;D[url=] TBS doesn’t work, toon boom storyboard works just fine…i don’t get it

Hi,Sorry forgot to mention you should display the details. In fact you may want to copy the details (technical informations) in a text file and send it to us by e-mail at regards,Ugo

hum, how do i do that?

Hi,If you check the Technical Information link you have in the previous img you should have access to a long scrolling area of text which may contain some tips on what is exactly causing the crash. This being said the text will most likely be much longer then what you can show in a screenshoot which is why I wanted you to make a text file out of it.Regards,Ugo