toon boom solo vers 1.1 on fedora 15 x86-64

hi all !

never say never ^^ so then i’m here to ask you how to install right my
old version of toon boom solo 1.1 , linux version on fedora 15 x86-64

actually the install has been right, i can find the iconset and
all on menu. the bad point is that the usb dongle isn’t recognize
and the software doesn’t work because of that.

i must tell you i wants to stay on linux due to quality system
and that i already installed lib32 for toon boom exe and
it seems to be good

pleaz help me, it would be cool to not have any windows xp or 7
yet and just wait it to fake

thanx by advance


steff from france


We don’t support Solo anymore, it’s a very old product, and has been replaced by Harmony Stand-Alone. We can’t update old products with new operating systems. If you’d like further information you can write in to or