The future of Animate Pro

The future of Animate Pro is to have a build in Storyboard Pro so you dont need any external software for editing. You just flip the scenes like you do in Storyboard Pro and reuse backgrounds and figures. It will keep the process much more flexible and will make it much easier for small animation companies and single animators from the first storyboard sketches to the last refining animation.

And I would also like the possibilities to adjust morphing hints in the middle of the morphing sequence to give more control of animation with morphing.

Since my native language is not english I can see that I didnt explain my idea very well above, so…

The idea is that when you start working in Animate Pro you can work in a Storyboard Pro environment where you sketch out the story, add script, add sound and arrange/edit the story in the scenepanel overview like Storyboard. In this process you can record the script with actors and make the real backgrounds, but still use quick sketches to get the whole storyline working with all the different scenes. So when you are entering the animation mode the backgrounds and the voice and sound recordings are already in place. And the timeline is already roughly edited through the scene overview. Then when you enter the animation mode you can click yourself into the seperate scenes in the overview and start animating each scene. So all the edting happens in the same scene overview as you did storyboarding and to reduce the workload on the machine you can render previews of the scenes in the background while working. Combinding the two programs would make for a better animation workflow and give the extra advantages of an editing environment for Animation Pro. That is why I think that is the future for Animate Pro.