TBS 8 - Blur !

i cant animate the blur effect… the blur works, but whenever i start from a frame say 300 and blur onwards it blurs every frame… can you animate the blur or is it just constant for that drawing ? and does anyone know why it wont work ?
Thanks -RA

You can blur over the time by creating a key frame on Blur layer in Properties windows after selecting Blur layer and then set the value accordingly. If you want to blur from 300 frames to 320, create a key frame on frame 299 as 0 blur. And then create a new key frame on 300 and set the blur option. If you want to have blur over time, you can set different number on 320 frame after creating another key frame.

ooooh iv just figured out why it blurs everything… the end frame on blur has to stay 0 and then animate in between …thanks for the help there