Swapping rigged parts.


complete Toon Boom newbie here. But I have worked in motion graphics / animation field for almost 10 years. Decided to give Toon Boom a try, because it looks like supercool software.

The problem:

How do you swap rigged parts - for example I have 2 different mouths - One closed with curve deformer and one open with envelope deformer. I know about substitutions, but I didn’t find a way to put independant modifiers in substitutions. I can also imagine situation where I have rigged for example many hand versions, where each hand consists of many parts ( hand base + fingers and each finger has own deformer). How do I swap these rigged hand groups?

Another thing : Which are the best paid / unpaid learning courses / tutorials to learn from. I already checked what’s on toonboom learn page, but it feels like it’s not enough. Stylus rumble channel on Youtube is very good, but I feel like it also skips many topics.

So much thanks,

Bumping this up.

Still haven’t found a solution to my rigging / animating problem. I made a little example what I want to achieve by swapping rigged parts : https://youtu.be/eeLRfBV83ac Please press pause on the video to read my explanation.

There are many reasons why I want to do this. For example switching between mouth poses. Open mouth controlled with envelope + all those teeth, tongue etc… and then other rig : closed mouth - totally different shape with less layers involved. All I see on internet is - using drawing substitutions, but that doesn’t allow to manipulate with poses, I need to draw all the inbetweens that way. So yeah - I wamt to know how these rigged parts are swapped while animating in efficient way.



did you already check out the “Image Switch” node?