Storyboard Pro not support my language

Storyboard Pro not support my language(not English language). when i write a script and export to PDF. language in script is ???. Please help mebest regardsuchart

Hi,Would it be possible to know exactly which language it is? Be aware you will need to change the encoding of the pdf if you select foreign language to be able to get it to show in the pdf. This can be done by using the Edit Format in the pdf export and in the General tab press the […] button at the end of the font field. There select the appropriate encoding and you should be good to go.Regards,Ugo

Thank you Ugo. Now I can do this … :slight_smile:

Hey -I can´t export to PDF with any scandinavian language from SB pro - / mac -theres no (…)encoding option at the end of the font field?I need ÆØÅ and ÄÖBest regardsAnders

First make sure that you have the correct fonts installed to get the characters you need.Then do what Ugo suggested before - I’ll try to write it a little bit clearer:1) File > Export to PDF2) hit the Edit Format button in the middle of the screen3) make sure you’re on the General tab of the dialog box. You’ll see a Font field, the second to last field on the General tab. To the RIGHT of the font field, there is a small button that has … written on it. Click this4) Select the encoding you need from the first drop-down list next to "Encoding"Let me know if this works for you

hey again, and thanks for the reply - but the problem is still the same:in your list 3) there is no (…) button to the right of the font field (I have arrow up/down, thou - is it the mac version interface?)but it will bring me to the font list of 10 fonts and with no “Encoding” option.I have tried to test the different fonts in PDF export ,with the ÆØÅ in all caption boxes - in the drawingpanel/it comes out right in PDF export but the dialogue,notes.etc it comes out %&ƒbest regards Anders.

I just checked it on a mac to make sure. When I do the steps on a mac, I do see a little … next to the font field, and I do not have a dropdown list.It is possible that we’re not using the same version. What version of Storyboard Pro are you using? You can find this out by going to Storyboard Pro > About. It should be in the format x.x.x (xxxx)

Hi! - I am using version 8.5.0(4490)I couldn´t find the installation CD so I had to turn the studio upside down - finally found it today on top of a box under a table -so I reinstalled ( I am actually working on two computers ,moving the dongle) - And now it WORKS ! ;D (the …also appeared) - a minor question is where I find my code if I am to registrate the product too?

Excellent, I’m so pleased it works!Your product code should be on the package, or in an email that you received. If you purchased the product online, or if you registered your product already, then you can log into your user account on the Toon Boom website. There in the My Products section you can see the license code for your registered products. If you are unable to retrieve your product code, and never registered the product before, then perhaps you can email