So s-l-o-w!

I’ve download the Mac v2.5 demo of toon boom and am trying he tutorial. I has been fine till I got to the peg lesson(4) now rendering is so slow! I takes several seconds for the windows to update.It this a common problem or am I dong something wromg. PowerMac G4 512Meg Ram

I am having the same problem. When I add a peg (In the actual licensed version, not demo) I get a pinwheel and it is SLOW. I am on a G5 with 512 ram, so it should be able to handle the simple animation I am doing. We also have Toon Boom on a PC here, and it does not have the same issues.

:frowning: Very disappointing

Do people from Toon Boom read this forum? I had every intention of buying Toon Boom for the Mac but if the speed problem isn’t fixed then I would say it way practically unusable. I’ll wait for the next version.

Yeah, not looking good. They want you to buy support. Oh well. I discovered a fix on my own.

Remove the camera from the peg. Reattatch the camera to the peg.

Problem solved.

Some weird bug… huh.