Script node reference or example?

I’m trying to learn how to use script nodes. The documentation is severely lacking – not at all up to the standard of other Harmony reference pages. Code samples are given but don’t explain how to actually get them to run. No clue is given about how to run code every time the frame changes. I assume that’s what the softrender tab is for but I haven’t been able to get it to do anything.

I tried modifying a master controller by adding to the onFrameChanged method:

Controller.onFrameChanged = function()
MessageLog.trace( “------------------------ FRAME CHANGE!” );

modList = Context.modules();
MessageLog.trace( "A second trace " + modList.length + " " + modList[0].name);

targetModule = Context.module(“falling_thing-P”);
MessageLog.trace( "Retrieved module: " + targetModule);

This runs every time I change frames, as long as the MC’s UI is visible. The first trace call runs fine. The second reveals that Context.modules() returns a list with only one entry: the MC node itself. The third trace doesn’t go through. I think the call to Context.module(“falling_thing-P”) is failing silently and exiting the function without reaching the end. No error messages are shown in the message log.

So yeah, if anyone has any experience with script nodes, particularly with ones that produce custom peg data that changes each frame, I would be very grateful for your help.