Pre-purchase Advice

Hello, all! Newbie here.

I have been fiddling with Animation-ish and the Intuos 4, by WACOM for a few hours, to see if I can draw, and to see how I can use animation in my teaching.

I teach music. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to attach the files for you to see. I created two quicktime movies. One shows the five lines of the staff “appearing”, one at a time. The other shows the Treble clef “appearing” on the staff. I did them in “Flipbook-ish”, because that seemed most appropriate for that kind of project. The thing is, because of my limited drawing skills, and maybe the nature of “Animation-ish”, the lines were jerky. I would like to have the lines “grow smoothly”.

I watched the cross disciplinary video by Sebastien Stasse, as well as the “Take The Tour” video, and, while the presenters were very friendly and knowledgeable, the words they used were not specific enough for a newbie like me; hence this post.

From my inexperienced stand point, I can see that different projects will require different approaches.

My question is:- does Toon Boom Studio combine the approaches of “Wiggledoodle-ish”, “Flipbook-ish” AND “Advanced-ish”?

I might add, that I am “proud of my achievements” at this point, and that I might be ready to move on to Toon Boom Studio.

Thank you!


Yes you can move from Animation-ish to Toon Boom Studio with ease as you now have basic knowledge of how to use digital animation software.

You can download the trial version and try it out.