PLE crashing, debugger noticed something. - Problem solved -

Solution: After doing repair install, everything works, I can run with antialias, without, and can work for hours and it never crashes!

I leave the following for you;

PLE kept crashing, I went through the forums and did all the recommended things. However, I used a debugger later, and it keeps crashing due to an unhandled exception. The debugger provided more info, at

01392060 mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+138h]

is where the unhandled exception occurs, that will may not help you, but I don’t want to buy a program that crashes every 2 minutes.

Some more information
Open GL is off, running as admin
Vista 64 bit UltimateATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300 (Again, open gl is the common reported problem, but I have AA off)

This bug usually occurs when moving to a blank frame, or when saving. Though it also occurs when task switching.

You have to check the system requirements:

You will notice that 64 bits is not supported and that the ATI is not either.

It seems… idiotic to make a program that does not support an entire graphics card set, and newer technologies. Also considering 64 bit vista emulates as 32 bit, what supports 32 bit for software, should support 64 bit (ignoring drivers).

However, ignoring that, the bug that is occurring means a catch was not added for a certain type of exception, meaning bad code.

Update: Digital Pro Ple does not crash, and since it has the same render engine (I believe), it would still lead me back to something the program is not expecting to occur that it can’t handle, and causing the crash.