Perspective Grids - A Goodie?

Hi everybody,

wouldn’t it be nice if TBS came with a collection of standard perspective grids like those shown on JK’s great blog (
Bird’s View, Regular, Worm’s Eye - 2 point perspective, 3 point etc.) No big deal, I think - only a few templates more in the library.

Just suggesting…


Peter, looking at your posting icon picture you are sure one hairy dude, have you ever considered using some hair remover on that face. -LOL- JK

Yep. That’s exactly what I am :wink:

In fact, that icon is my cartoon’s main character. Originally this was a painting of a homo neanderthalensis. I took a bunch of our ancestors, stuck them into suits and made them play instruments. what you see, is one of 4 mouthshapes I builtso far. Lotsa pixel shifting these days…