Outputting to Premier Pro CS5

I’m using TB Studio 4, and trying to output my Quicktime files (25 fps, 1920 x 1080) to Adobe Premier CS5. The output files from Premier come out 10 to 20 times as large (450 mb to 5 or 9 gb), yet the quality is very poor - grainy, washed out colors. I’ve been talking with 4 different Adobe engineers for a month and a half, and they’ve been examining my Quicktime files, yet can’t find a solution. Now, they’ve pretty much given up and are just ignoring me. Any idea why this is happening? Do I need to upgrade my software? Would very much appreciate any help. Thanks! Phil

You should contact support@toonboom.com for this and be ready to supply the exported Quicktime, TBS project and the settings of the Premiere project.