New to Storyboard Pro

I’ve just installed SBP and having a number of problems: Drawing is next to impossible because there is 2 or 3 second delay before my mark appears on the work area screen; changing line colour appears in the thumbnails but remains black in the work area. The light table does not function. Importing jpegs for reference, they appear in the thumbnail but are just a black box in the work area screen. When trying to draw in a bitmap layer, all I get are a series of random black boxes which ultimately fill the screen. My projects are saved as a series of folders with no clear way of opening a project directly. In other words, the Toon Boom ikon is not visible on any of the folders. All this is before I get into boarding proper so heaven knows how many more problems are going to crop up. Clearly the programme is not working properly. Is it OK to uninstall and reinstall again without causing problems with licencing and registration?

you may be already get the answer.
To uninstall TooBoom go to TB Story-board in your program files or in "computer _ all programs "menu, and find the License Wizard tool.
With this tool you will desactivate (or return your license) to TBoom and then its possible to reinstall. Otherwise, your license will stay “open” to TBoom server, and TBoom consider that your software is in use.You can’t reinstall it.
This information is given in support, knowledge base “Activation Wizard”.
Always use the activation desactivation tool via internet.

It sounds as though you may have more than one problem with the system.
Re-installing the software is a good start. You may want to contact support to have a look at your hardware specs- especially the system’s graphic card.