New Ipad Pro app

With the new Ipad pro, will there be a new app?


Are you able to only assign the drawing/camera windows to the iPad Pro? I would not want more than that. The reduced interface would be hard for me to read.

Would you mind describing why you like using an iPad. Is it just the fact that it also can act as a Cintiq tablet that you are using it or is it superior or inferior to a Cintiq as a tablet? Can you make a pitch for a Harmony user to invest in the iPad over one of the Wacom tablets?

I had gone as far as buying the 13HD Cintiq then sent it back believing it would be too small. I was going to buy something larger then decided to hold out for future technology. This iPad is an option I did not know was compatible.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, yeh you can easily separate out the Drawing window or camera window. Just do like you would normally by dragging out the tab to separate it from Harmony’s main work area. Provided you have enough ‘window’ space on your main computer ( or are running dual screens) you can use the Astropad to select only an area of your screen, so you can just specify the drawing window for example and leave the timeline and so on on the main screen.

Hope that helps, Cheers Jason.

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Hi - i have the iPad Pro with Pencil and i use it with Harmony and Storyboard Pro. All you need is to purchase a small little app called ASTROPAD ( ) . You install one on the main computer where Harmony or SB Pro is installed and install the app on your iPad. They connect over Wifi and means your iPad becomes a graphics tablet. Works brilliantly.

Also means you have access to other programmes like Adobe Photoshop etc.

Cheers Jason.

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User @ Drawmill Animation.

I don’t know but I don’t see how Harmony could be used with relatively little screen space available in any iPad.

Maybe Toon Boom will do an app version of one of the lighter programs like Flip Boom or come up with something new for the iPad.

If Toonboom is making a Harmony app for the IPad Pro and pencil, we would definitely buy one. We have been saving up for a Cintiq for our son (who is autistic) but the IPad Pro would be a much cheaper solution for his needs. Any idea if this is in the works?

Although I was not able to try it as a Cintiq-style tablet with Harmony I was able to try out an iPad Pro with a drawing app to see how the Pencil feels this evening at an Apple Store.

Knowing what Harmony and Animate Pro feel like on an Intuos Pro I think the iPad Pro will work quite well for me.

Any updates on this? What is best? iPod Pro or Wacom?

Can’t say which is best based on experience as I have never used a Wacom Cintiq. Based on what I read and having used the iPad Pro/Astropad I am happy with the trade off. It would be a subjective evaluation anyway.

I also am not doing this professionally.

The iPad has a smaller footprint in the pad as well as the less bulky cable plus it is Bluetooth.

Using the Apple Pencil on the iPad is plastic on glass and apparently the Cintiq has a coating which helps with a sensation of drag but I can live with it.

Had the 22" Cintiq been updated I might have purchased one to try with an option to return it. Being older tech made my decision easier. However, an update will most certainly come with a higher list price so it would have needed to be very attractive. Wacom’s biggest dog is too big, has too much bevel real estate and is too expensive for my situation. The price of their current 22" would be pushing it for me.

Is there an app for storyboard pro for iPad Pro???


IPad thought; Why can’t Toonboom release 8.1 series as an app for IPad pro?? You have the newest animation software for computers already selling - why not introduce a new crop of ToonBomers to a very comprehensive professional style animation software? Think this could also be another stream of revenue by re-distributing an old favorite on a new platform. There is no real animation drawing app for IPad (Ok – clip studio just threw their hat in the ring… but your “TOOMBOOM!!” --“THE” animation software of pros!!) I would be first in line to purchase it. Anyway, Just a thought.

Harmony ipad pro version would be pretty awesome. Free for harmony owners ofcourse :wink: (doesn’t tvpaint exist free for owners on android already).

But since this thread first started, its been quiet so I wont hold my breath… but maybe toon boom can surprise us soon…:). Lets hope.

Thank you for your question.

At this moment we don’t have an application available for iPad or iPad Pro.

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I guess a storyboard pro on iPad Pro would be an awesome solution , doesn’t have to be fully loaded with all the features from 3D cameras and script editing just the basic features and then finalizing the whole thing on the actual OSX app,… a cross platform thing :slight_smile: