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Hello Toon Boom Staff and Users,

I just finished tuning in to the Harmony 15 webinar, which I enjoyed and gained a lot of clarity from. I’m just seeking a bit of advice regarding scripting, in regards to the Master Controller from anyone who might know a bit more about this type of thing than me. Please forgive my ignorance in advance…

  1. Is the script included in the Master Controller Module download material possibly applicable to our own character models, obviously with some slight alterations to the code?

  2. For those of us who know zero JavaScript, does anyone have recommendations on where we should focus our learning, if we want to become competent in creating Master Controllers for our characters? I am particularly intrigued and excited about the interpolation feature in regards to head and body rotations, and I would be more than willing to devote time to learning JavaScript for that ability alone. However, since I have no other immediate necessity for JavaScript knowledge, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions in regards to a more focused path of educating myself, for specific application to Harmony.

Again, I apologize in advance for my questions demonstrating a heavy ignorance in regards to the subject matter. I would appreciate any advice anyone might be willing to give.

Thank you.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for watching the webinar! :slight_smile:

You are definitely on the right track with your questions.

  1. Yes the scripts could be modified and applied to your characters. We will have a series of webinars explaining the Master Controllers and I am pretty sure we will discuss this. I recommend you register to get first hand explanations on how to achieve this.

  2. There are a couple things I would recommend. When I started scripting in Harmony, I remember having to understand how to access elements in the Harmony project and affect it with the script. In the Scripting course on the Learn Portal, there is an introduction activity on how to build a first script doing simple actions in the Node view. I recommend you go through it just to get a bit of an idea of the required concepts.

If I was to focus my efforts in learning some basic Javascript concepts, I would definitely start with the concepts of functions, classes, methods, variables, and arguments. All the universal programming concepts are key. Then I would get into understand conditions (if, else) and loops (for, incrementing values).

W3School is a pretty good place to learn for free:

I hope this helps you a bit! :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to provide the resources and advice, Marie-Eve. I’ll begin looking into that material and look forward to the upcoming webinars. Thanks again!

hi my friend .
It is not possible to view the video in Master Controllers.
for example :

Pls Help Me .

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