Mac v4 Toon Bomm Studio Onion Skinning

3 level onion skinning does not seem to be working in v4 on the MAC. Only one level shows. ??? Is anyone else having this issue?


Are you in Drawing view or in camera view?

Would it be possible to know which tool you currently have active?

By level do you mean the previous 3 drawing or do you mean having more then one element shown in onion skin (for a cut-out character lets say).

Also, which version of Mac OSX do you have installed on your machine?

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I’m using MAC OS 10.4.10
While in either the drawing or camera view and regardless of which toll I have selected I can only see a one level oion skin even though I have selected to show the next / previous two or three frames.

This occurs when I have one drawing element or mulitple drawing elements. When I have the drawing view onion skin and I select the second element, I don’t even see any onion sin level, but when I camera view I go back to see just one level.

I’ve also noticed problems with the arrange eements functionality were, moving an element back, skips over several other elements and then won’t move up a level.

I do like the brush shaoes though ;D


I’m running TBS v.4 on my Intel iMac OS 10.4.10 and onion skinning is working perfectly for me whether I’m in drawing or camera view. I’m not sure what might be causing the problem.

I’m on a macbook using 2d Quartz.

I went back to TBS v3.5 and onion skin works fine on that version… just having a lot of problems on v4.

I re-downloaded and installed the upgrade but same problem BUT
I changed my drawing background to back and I noticed the onion skin for the 3 levels are there, just going from red/gree to white too fast. Does anyone know how to slow the color change increment on the onion skin?
Thanks in adavnce


All the option for the onion skin are available in the Preferences (Toon Boom Studio v4.0>Preferences) in the LightTable tab. Else then that you can always go check in the View Menu>Onion skin for other options you might have missed.

I am not quite sure why you are having difficulties with it but it may be related to the contrast on your monitor or some video card drivers. Try getting the latest drivers you can for it.

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