Mac Intel available (Express Now Available)

Greetings everybody,

The new Mac Intel realease is ready to download in the members section:


Is it recommended to install this 3.0.2 update on Mac OSX systems even if they are not the new Intel versions or should users not install this unless moving to a new Intel based Mac. -JK

It is not necessary to install this update if you have a PowerPC and 3.0.1. This update address issues with the intel cpu only.


Wohoooooo!!! Great news!!
Now go help Adobe :slight_smile:

Now that Toon Boom Studio is ready for Intel Mac my getting an Intel Mac sure is a whole lot closer!


Hello everyone,

Toon Boom Studio Express V3.0.2 is now available for download in the product section:

This update is a universal binary for Mac Intel computers.
There is no need to install this update if you are using a PPC (G4-G5).