Looking to buy....

I’m looking to try then buy an animation Text programme.
There are soooo many on the market. However, they appear to focus mainly on the animation side of things.

What I’m trying to create is a training presentation where the text flows. (As though being written)
But also goes bold, italic, enlarge or even highlight certain words or phrases, in sync with the spoken word.
A character may need to appear (As though explaining)
Would Toon Boom be able to complete such a task? Or is TB waaaay beyond that? (Which I fear)


I would say you need something with strong text editing and procedural animation capabilities, and one that allows for automation through scripting (you don’t want to animate hours of text narration by hand, obviously, if that is the case).

I suppose it could be done in TB, but it would be inconvenient for this type of work, if you ask me.

Perhaps After Effects? Also does a spot of character animation with the free DuIK plugin.

There are simple programs that animate text and if you can get by with a still for the character you will avoid a large expense and learning curve. Just Google animated text software. Back when 3D software seemed like it was going to infiltrate and supplant 2D there were several 3D animated text programs. You definitely don’t need anything robust like Harmony. That would be overkill.