Importing Illustrator 10.0

I have used opacity and transparencies in AI 10.0 within my artwork. I read that ToonBoom doesn’t support transparencies made with the brush tool…this didn’t seem clear to me so I downloaded the demo version and tested it.

Either I was “hi” at the time–but I could swear I made a flash movie with my artwork containing transparent vector (AI 10.0) objects.

Does ToonBoom support AI transparencies/opacity?

And if I wasn’t on drugs, why is it not doing so now with PC 2.5 version?


Hi ArtBoy07,

After Importing your Illustrator File you should have a new color palette created Called “PDF Importer”. In this color palette you should have the colors from your artwork. The colors with transparency are first imported as a 100% solid color and then there is the same color with the transparency level. All you have to do is select your transparent colors since by default the solid 100% colors are selected. I’m not sure if this is a normal behavior or a bug, I’ll look at it !