Im excited about tue direction toonboom software is taking

After seeing the new toonboom storyboard bitmap drawing features this has me really excited about the possible future of Animate and other toon boom products. Its a big step in the right direction in my opinion. Especially for traditional style animators.

Im pretty sure the next animate will have this, and if they can find a better way of managing and playblasting multiple scenes, reimplementing the ability to add efx via layers like in animate for those who prefer that method, and add the bitmap drawing tools for animate, I might actually go out and buy this version this time. Im just really excited to see where they take this next. I really hope in the next animate they really think about the single animator who doesnt have a team in mind.

I might be the only one excited for this new bitmap drawing possibility.

Me, too. I was disappointed that Animate 2 mainly introduced new features for rigging cut-out characters, when I don’t work in that style. The Toonboom family will not be truly “paperless” animation software until they provide the tools for doing rough pencil tests digitally, and vector tools don’t quite cut it.

You can do rough pencil tests by disabling the other elements in the timeline (other than the one you are intending to line test) and hitting the playback button. The googley eyes icon in the timeline can be used to hide/unhide all elements.

They don’t feel as natural and responsive as a bitmap “pencil”, like in TVPaint, Sketchbook Pro, Painter, etc.