I can not use dropper from toolbar on Toon Boom Harmony Premium 12.2.0

I can not use dropper from toolbar; It does not work when I click on any drawing layer I painted before.
: It always showed me NO COLOR after clicking any color on the drawing layer.

Currently ‘Overlay and Underlay Arts’ option is active on preferences.
‘Advanced Display’ is on as well.

But I can pick the color when I import bitmap image and dropper on color wheel also does work too.

Very Strange.

Even though I reinstalled the Toom Boom Harmony. It does not help.

Current version Toon Boom Harmony Premium 12.2.0

I think there are many bugs which hindered me from working efficiently now

Hi Sungwook,

I recommend contacting the Support team as we did not reproduce the issue on our side.


Have a great evening,


Hi Sungwook Kim,

Are you using Mac or Windows and what is your OS?

Thank you!