Holes in Fill of Drawing

Hi Guys

I’m dabbling with the Toon Boom 8 Trial (i’m still on 7 by now but plan on upgrading very soon).

Anyways, i rigged this Character and when i scaled it up to do a Test Render i noticed, that she has Holes in her Shirt Fill Colour that weren’t visible at all in the Software itself. I tried different Render Settings, Movies and Images, with the same result and i even recolored the Shirt… To no avail…

Any Ideas? Thanks!

PS: I’m using Bones to deform her, maybe that’s the problem?

I see a small oval spot on the shirt. Nothing that looks like a hole. Can you post more images?

Thanks for your reply. I saved an Output of the File again plus a Screenshot from the Camera View, where the problem isn’t visible and attached it to the main post.