[Harmony 12 Gaming] Deleting unused elements


I’m exporting my animation/sprite sheet for use in Unity.

I was animating my character using a groundplane drew for reference.

I erased all of the elements from my scene/clips and the groundplane is still showing up in my sprite sheet.

I’ve gone so far as erase the folder with the groundplane folder/tvg and it’s till appearing.

Any ideas?


Hi M.

I am having the same problem, did you maybe find a solution to this issue?


In your Harmony project folder you will find a folder called “textures” delete everything inside the folder.

I also invite you to upgrade Harmony to the newest release 12.2. There’s now an option in the exporter that will do this action for you, only make sure to check: “Clear Texture Folder”.

FYI, we also released an improved version of the Harmony Game SDK on the Unity Asset Store