Edit in Toon Boom or 3rd party software?

Hello all,

I am very interested to find out how people go about editing their work. I am new to Toon Boom so my instinct would be to animate scenes individually and then edit them together with something like Premiere Pro, but that could be naivety… Wouldn’t know how to do a dissolve in Toon Boom.

Could anyone share what method works best for them? There doesn’t appear to be anything about this on the net, and it seems quite fundamental to me!

Hi tomincognito,
I animate scenes individually, export them as image sequences and then edit them in Premiere Pro. The great thing about using Premiere Pro is that it references the image sequences so that if you make any changes in ToonBoom and then re-render it will automatically update in your Premiere Pro project. So you can put together a really rough version to get timing right and gradually update with your final sequences without having to re edit all the time.

If you’re more comfortable using Premiere to edit I’d go that way for sure!

vegas pro or premiere.