Disappearing Drawings

I know I’ve seen this topic before, so I’m not alone.
This happens to me periodically.
Today I opened the same project I’ve been working
on for months, and suddenly one character’s arms
and some of his mouth drawings are missing.
Not in the camera view, not in the drawing substitution
view – nowhere.
They won’t be too bad to replace, but other times there
have been far more missing drawings.
This bug is easily my biggest problem with TB.
Has their been any progress on it?

I just unplugged my External Harddrive and restarted TB and said drawings are back in place. I can’t imagine a connection, since
the harddrive is plugged in about 50% of my worktime,
but has anyone else reported a relation between the two?

I thought I was OK, but now more drawings than ever are missing.
It’s stuff that has nothing to do with each other –
one character’s mouth position, another character’s hand, etc.
I’m at me wit’s end. Please advise – I’m on deadline.

You should not work on projects located on an external hard drive, USB drive or network drive if possible due to the slower responsiveness of these media. It’s better to edit projects from the internal hard drive and then zip the project for storage/archiving on these other drive types.

Your missing drawings could be related to a number of factors. If you need help, contact support so they can assist you by having a look at your project on your system.