colour-art module

Hi! I need help about the colour-art module in Stage 10.3

I have a character in a compostion which has multiple layers. I want to apply a blur effect on the colour art of this character, but I don’t want this effect to be applied on the line art. In order to do this, I’m using the colour art module to separte colour art from line art.

My question is: there’s a way to apply the colour-art module to the whole composition instead applying it on each layer separatedly?

that’s a pretty old version… assuming you are using whatever the “premium” version is for that release, with networking.

if you use pass through composite modules, those will not flatten/rasterize your drawings and will preserve the sub-layers of the drawings. you can place a color art module in the output of a pass through composite node that has multiple drawings going into it and it’ll give you just the color art layers of that drawing array/chain. carefully plan your system so you are using all pass throughs. might be tricky if you are using chained filters/effects, then you’d probably need to do a bunch of meticulous splitting and downstream rejoining.

As muchachotron mentioned ou can group everything or connect it to a Composite and place Line-Art and Colour-Art separated under the Composite but you might have side effects, namely a bunch of lines overlapping each other because they’re no longer covered by the colour of the drawing above (if they are not masked). To solve that you could need to use one drawing’s colour to cut another’s line so in certain scenarios it might be actually easier to just separate every drawing’s Line and Colour-Art by itself. But in the case there’s no overlap of the different drawings that would be practical. If we’re talking about a cut-out character there might be situations where you would see lines overlapping.

In recent versions you can see this filtering of sublayers under a Composite on the OpenGL view, but in 10.3 you might need to check the Render View.

Luis Canau