Color Dropper

Why doesn’t the color picker recognize the colors from a psd image? It only detects colors that originated in SB Pro? This is a HUGE problem.

The way that vector-based Toon Boom products works is that you create a colour palette that you will use in your scene. In that colour palette, you then create colour pots. Each colour pot has a unique I.D. that the software stores. When you use the colour picker, what it does is instead of selecting the actual colour, it selects the I.D. This is a very powerful feature because what it allows you to do is change the colour in the colour pot at any time, and any item that has been painted with that colour pot will have that same I.D. and be changed, too.The colour picker being able to pick colours from a bitmap to be added to a colour pot is a feature request that has been submitted to the development team for use in future versions of Storyboard. For the moment, I’m afraid that the only way that you can get colours in is to either approximate the colour or to copy and paste RGB values from Photoshop.

It would be way more powerful if, as in Adobe Illustrator, you could hold down the option key to sample a bitmpap image’s color pixel info. I agree that this (amongst others) is a HUGE problem. I have no way of matching a color from an imported image save going to the source app (Photoshop) and eye dropping the color, copying the hex value, then going back to TBS and pasting the value in the color wheel palette. Holy god is that cumbersome.

This will be added to a new version of Storyboard. You will be able to import an image and then create a colour pot and colour pick off of the image to match the colour.~LillyToon Boom Support

Cool, thanks Lilly, that will HUGELY helpful. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks Lilly, that will HUGELY helpful. :slight_smile: