Cintiq 13 Brush Offset

When I try to draw something on ToonBoom on my Cintiq 13 it has an offset, but it doesn’t happen with other Adobe apps. Also I contacted support before and they told me to uninstall and re install drivers, I did that but I still have problems. Also some text is blurry, the support said that it could happen on high quality monitors, but my monitor is only 1080p.

Are you on Windows? Check if your Cintiq monitor is set to 100%, since Windows sometimes defaults it for 125% or 150% because it considers a 13 inch screen to be small. If that doesn’t work try this solution posted by user Visualbug on this thread (

-right click at the harmony application icon
-compatibility tab
-in settings section check: disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Luis Canau

The issue has been resolved, support called me. And yes setting DPI worked.