changing-anchor-base in hierarchy

Another feature I would be extremely happy with, but can’t find a correct name for. I’ll try to explain.
Let’s say I have a head in left-facing, front-facing, and right-facing position.
Next down in the hierarchy is a layer with the face features. This face drawing stays the same for all three head positions, but has different positions relative to each head-drawing.
I know you can change anchor points per drawing in a drawing element. But it would be really helpful if you also had kind of a positioning-magnet in the layer one step up in the hierarchy. So if I change from left facing to right facing, the face-features-layer would follow position.
Hope this is somewhat clear… ?? Thanks for looking into this.

Hi Lilly, thank you for replying
yes, I’m aware of your solutions. But in many cases this is quite cumbersome. A simple target-point would help.


I understand exactly what you’re saying. What I usually do is I make separate templates for front and side and whatnot for the whole character, that way I can just drag and drop the templates on top of each other and swap all the drawings at once.

Or you can put your facial features and your head into one symbol, then when you swap the head the features will come with it - but then if you want to animate the features, you have to go inside the symbol to animate them, which is why I usually avoid this particular approach.


Sure thing. Duly noted.