Bubble Beez Sample and Review

I was frustrated by the complete lack of information about the Bubble Beez! template, so I figured it would be helpful if I put a few shots together in case anyone was interested in seeing what the assets are capable of. Here’s the link:


Hope you enjoyed it! As for my thoughts on this template, let’s cut right to the chase: is this a good tool for learning cut-out animation? Honestly, that depends. Complete beginners are likely to find it exasperating; there are a lot of rough edges in the models and the way these characters are constructed can require a great deal of finessing to look smooth. If your goal is to have a newcomer “discover the joys of animation,” it would be best to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, Bubble Beez! offers a serious learner an opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of production animation. It’s a difficult art that requires problem solving and improvisation. A persistent worker will find the going tough, but ultimately rewarding and insightful. It’s helpful to think of Bubble Beez! as a model kit: a lot of the work is done for you, but you’re still expected to glue the pieces together and provide the final layer of polish yourself.

One word of caution: some of the character pieces have an odd behavior. Specifically, they will always be drawn behind every other drawing element despite the layer order. To save you from tearing your hair out (it’s too late for me), simply select the layer that holds the offending drawing element, then right-click and select “reset;” this will solve the problem.

Happy animating!


Kevin Treadway