OK, so I set the theme with the title.

I am TRYING to get through the kick start (on a mac)… needless to say it has been VERY maddening.

I’m stuck on the third video in #9 (transform tool). Toward the end where it tells you to set your second pose. I have watched this this about 20 times and it just does not work.

In the video, he clicks the first cell (that selects all his art) sets a key frame, then moves the cell where he wants his next pose and sets another key frame. ART IS STILL THERE. When I do this, the instant I click on another cell, my art disappears. ???>

I’m not looking at the kick start video right now, but it sounds from your description like your artwork is not exposed on that frame. When you click the second frame, hit F5 to expose the artwork to that frame. Now you should be able to set your key frame.