Apple Yosemite

Good day. I just wonder if Toonboom is doing inquiries regarding Apple’s new OS to be launched in September-Octobre 2014. Will there be compatibility issues like the last time? I sent an email to Toonboom. If I ever hear from them, I’ll let you know.

I have TBSP 1.5 with a dongle and even though the dongle is plugged in, I get asked for the license container on launch, so I cannot use TB Storyboard Pro with Yosemite.

No response from support.

Did you hear back?

When I sent the message, they replied saying that they didn’t start working on the new OS. I just downloaded today and installed the Yosemite OS and I get an error-1. I just sent an email about this.

Okay, good to know, thanks! Can’t afford to take the risk at the moment.

TB, can this please be sorted? Much appreciated!

Just got a response, sounds like they’re testing it and have not yet encountered problems. Sorry to hear you are. They recommend returning the license before upgrading the OS to Yosemite…

Is there something extremely urgent that you need Yosemite now? Is it worth the risk? No OS debuts without a few glitches that surface after people have had time to work with it a while. If I bought a new computer that came with Yosemite I would install a separate and bootable legacy OS and wait to use Yosemite for anything important.

Of course, the sooner I’ve got transparent menubars and can pick up the phone on my desktop the better… :wink:

No, not in a hurry, you’re very right about waiting out the first wave of issues. Just making sure. Adobe is all set apparently.

Hi, would defo agree with others not to upgrade to Yosemite yet. I upgraded a laptop to test and the fact that Apple Motion and Final Cut have issues is a worry as i use these in my pipeline, so apple need to sort that out also.

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I’m searching on the internet to see if there are issues with Animate Pro 2 before update to Yosemite, but I didn’t found info about it, every other software (I use) seems there are no major issues related to OSX 10.10 I’m just in wait to see if Animate Pro works fine because after all, I don’t think it will receive an update and right now don’t have the budget to upgrade to Animate Pro 3.

I upgraded to Yosemite yesterday, having forgotten the Cardinal Rule to wait and ensure application compatibility. I am running Animate 3, and I’ve encountered some annoying playback glitches and object positioning glitches. It’s not a deal breaker, the program seems mostly functional, but I have to relaunch constantly to reset this feature.

Incidentally, all my inserts in Pro Tools 10 have disappeared. Definitely seems like there are some interface issues.

I upgraded - took the plunge without researching. On 2008 Mac Pro. 4.1 SBpro. From lion OX.

I now have severe lag when colouring. Workflow massively degraded .
It may be that I need to upgrade my graphics card. - I am hoping that will solve the issue and keep my Mac Pro running for another year or two.
Anyone else getting lag?

TB - where’s SBpro 5? please get this program up to speed - theres a lot of livelihoods relying on it being better than it is .

Hey Yoborob!

Have you tried switching off anti-aliasing? if you could live without it…
Might be worth doing a fresh install on the Mac Pro instead of upgrading?

I’ve been having trouble with Dropbox also, it’s crashing programs due to it interfering with Finder.

According to the latest Toon Boom newsletter #93 (11/21/14)

All Software Now Compatible with Yosemite

All Toon Boom software is now compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite. If you already own Toon Boom Studio, Animate, Animate Pro, Storyboard Pro, or Harmony, log into your user account and re-download the software.

I also just installed Yosemite without thinking might affect the performance of SB pro 4,1.
My problem is that when I open the software my main window jumps to some where out of both monitors and just gets back if I go into toggle full screen which is annoying because I cannot even bring the main SB pro working interface into my cintiq… any of you had that problem before ? Am I an idiot who doesn’t t know mac enough or could this be a silly glitch??
help welcome!

Great Thanks