Animating in Toon Boom

Hi i really like animations and i want to create animation but i dont know how to draw.So my question is can i draw character on paper or in the software and then entirely animate it in Toon Boom?

You can draw your character on paper, then scan it into the software for coloring.

You can also draw the character from scratch in TBS.

Once the drawings are done, you animate the characters in TBS. If you’re doing cut-out animation, you’ll need to rig the characters first.

Refer to the user guide and online tutorials on Toon Boom’s website, as well as YouTube.

Not being able to draw you could photograph a person, doll, animal, arrangement of sticks in the form of a man, etc and animate them. You could animate a leaf on the patio. You could shape blobs of clay and animate them as well. Claymation style is possible but you could do it very simply without the definition of facial features and fine movement, just change shapes into other shapes.

Thank you for your post. i to am not that great at drawing. i would like to learn how to do cut out and rotoscoping animation with toonboom studio 8.1. I do hope that you will receive an answer.