Animated Promotional Video

New cartoon!.. Sort of! This little animated video I made is something I’m hoping to showcase to potential clients as to what my partner and I can do as far as animation, writing, voice acting, and music.

It does feature some cameos by Average Joe and Troll Slayer and features some cool new lighting techniques so I thought you all would like to see it since I’m not really going to advertise it that much outside of putting it on my site and sending it to potential clients.

your videos are always enjoyable. hope this gets you more clients.

I liked the video and wish troll slayer would do a kickstarter for his new animation style.

The only thing I would say, the images at the end really could take the gloss off your product with some clients. For example the museum I work for would be put off by it (but like the rest of the video). I know it is meant to be a joke, but I don’t want to see you lose work cause of it.

Hmm… interesting. Okay I’ll keep that in mind, maybe that is too much.

I thought it was funny btw

I have to deal with the balance all the time with clients. I have a rule collared shirt first time then I can dress normally after if okay.

I agree with the images, they werent needed. But, the animation here is very nice. Gives me tons of hope as I venture into Animate Pro 2…