animate (non pro) vs toonz vs animo, others

i’m curious if anyone here has tried these other software options, or used them for work.

i’m about ready to purchase animate, and i’d like to know if these other solutions offer tools that you have come to depend on or at least greatly benefit from. i am not moving into an industry pipeline, this will mostly be for smaller projects and personal work.

on the other hand, does animate overlap most of the important features of these packages, or perhaps offer some tools/methods that are unique to animate in comparison to competing products?



i have read that animate is significantly less expensive (notice that toonz has you request a price quote, which i guess isn’t too different from toon boom’s higher end solutions), but i’m wondering at what productivity cost (if any).

i own adobe cs4 prod. suite, so i have after effects, photoshop, etc. for doing image and effects processing – thus these features don’t really factor in to my decision (although some basics like motion blur that are included w/ animate are very useful, for certain).

animo has been purchased by toonboom animation :wink:

hehe, well that makes things easier!

i don’t know why i resist animate’s siren call. it will be mine.