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Discord chat for Toon boom Artists

Created 7 minutes ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By qizmo

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Microsoft Surface Studio

Created 3 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By seren_animation

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export pdf with masked images

Last comment 4 hours ago in  Storyboard Pro - Support and Troubleshooting — By mattiasgordon

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harmony + unity 5 integration -- still need unity pro?

Last comment 4 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By Alexis Duclaux

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Win10 Compatibility?

Last comment 5 hours ago in  Storyboard Pro - Support and Troubleshooting — By barry baker

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Created 5 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By heronimo

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Patricle problems

Created 7 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By kotenko1989