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It just crashes

Last comment 7 minutes ago in  Storyboard Pro - Support and Troubleshooting — By sidonieL_54861

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Liscence problem

Created 3 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By scar3645

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Not installing on Macbook pro

Last comment 3 hours ago in  Storyboard Pro - Support and Troubleshooting — By aamaniac

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Harmony Premium Freezes upon opening

Last comment 8 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By sidonieL_54861

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I can't export .mov files

Last comment 13 hours ago in  Animate - Support and Troubleshooting — By robert_adams89

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Tablet not working...

Created 15 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By GuGuZAlt

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Do I need Maya to render 3D from Harmony

Last comment 15 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By Visualbug

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Deformers Disappears

Created 17 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By aceofspades22

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Blender 3d software and Harmony Premium

Last comment 19 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By Visualbug