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hand writing

Last comment 1 hour ago in  Toon Boom Studio - General Discussion — By Nolan Scott

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send drawings to desk shortcut

Last comment 2 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By Pieter Vanluffelen

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Surface Book: gestures not working

Last comment 10 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By 10tacle

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Harmony and Studios keep crashing.

Last comment 11 hours ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By Kalabor106

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Cloning a deformer.

Last comment 11 hours ago in  Harmony - General Discussion — By wulfae

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Better bitmap brush slider settings

Created 1 day ago in  Harmony - Feature Requests — By jameslee03

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Export to Sprite Sheets

Last comment 1 day ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By Toonalooney

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storyborad pro is delaying

Last comment 1 day ago in  Harmony - Support and Troubleshooting — By jsong