Zooming while animating.

Am really enjoying Animate Pro 2 as I gradually grasp its idiosyncrasies.

While I’ve been animating tho, I feel that it would be a great help if pressing Z key momentarily goes to the Zoom tool when Animate and transform button are enabled.

I’ve gotten so use to this shortcut during other parts of production that when I can’t use it while animating it’s a bit frustrating.

There maybe a technical reason why zooming this way isn’t allowed during animating but if possible it would be great if it could be a future feature.



I actually view this as a bit of a bug, because sometimes I can zoom and sometimes I can’t zoom, and instead it erases my entire drawing and I have to undo 5 or six times. While I enjoy drawing in the interface, because I work in Illustrator, Photoshop and after effects, I need a consistent zoom tool.

How do you do this Lilly?

Nothing happens when I hit these keys either in the numeric keyboard section or in the QWERTY section.

Or did you manually assign these keys?



Are you using Flash pr Animate Pro shortcut flavor?

Instead of 1 and 2, it would be CTRL + + and CTRL + -


ah, that’s it Marie.

I’m using the Flash shortcuts so yes I use the CTRL + +, etc.

THanks for clarifying there. :slight_smile:

i still request zoom be attached to the rollbutton on the mouse.

Also guys, bare in mind that you can edit your shortcuts in the preferences.

i set up the buttons i have on my drawing tablet to “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”. the two buttons left are full screen (Ctrl+F) and the other one is “Shift”. the buttons on the pen itself are Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Right click. this is very handy that i don’t even need to reach out for my keyboard most of the time, if i had an extra button i would set it to “Delete” and this way i woulnd’t need the keyboard ever…
it’s very useful if you ever get a drawing tablet, to get one with as many side buttons as convenient.


It depends on where the focus is. When you click on Z when the focus is around the timeline, it does a clear exposure and pull. When you click on Z in the camera, it selects the zoom tool.

I personally always use the 1 and 2 keys to zoom in and zoom out.