zooming probs

Hi there
Am I being stupid? I have worked through the sceneplanning tutorial and am trying to add a simple zoom to a scene I have made.

I added a new camera but I can’t seem to access the ‘handle’ for the camera.

If I change FOV from 12 say at the start and jump to frame 10 and change it to 4 it changes at the start as well. This is all with dynamic zoom selected…is this handle easy to access? Am I missing out a stage?

Any suggestions welcome(except rude ones)

Yours confused :-[

if you’re referring to the physical black square “handle” for the camera, then all you need to do is select your camera element in the timeline (in camera view) make sure you select the camera element itself, not the peg you have it attached to (im assuming its attached to a peg) When you select the camera, the field of view will appear as a slightly transparent red box, with an opaque red outline. Look along the bottom border, and you’ll see a small black square which is the handle that you use to alter the field of view by sliding it back & forth.

Let me know if that’s unclear or if you need more info, hope it helps.