Zooming on just the foreground

I’m trying to auto zoom on the foreground while the background stays put. Imagine a character moving toward the camera while the background stays the same. Is this possible? So far I haven’t figured out a way.

The background is a separate element but I can’t seem to get it to not zoom.

One way that this can be done is as follows: Think about your process in “real world” terms. If you zoomed in on something using your camera then everything in the viewpoint of the camera would be included in the zoom (foreground, background ect) So to get the effect you are describing you need to hold the camera fixed and have your foreground objects move toward the camera while your background objects remain fixed. OK so how is that accomplished? When an object’s scale is increased (it gets larger) this provides the visual effect of the object moving closer to the viewer. So you want to group your foreground objects together using a peg element and then using keyframing you will scale the group of objects larger over time which will give you the same thing as if the objects were moving toward the camera.

Step 1: Create a new peg element

Step 2: Attach the desired foreground elements to the new peg element

Step 3: collapse the new peg element

Step 4: go to the first frame where you want to start the movement toward the camera and set a keyframe using the transform tool (7)

Step 5: go to the last frame of your movement towards the camera and still using the transform tool (7) go to the top view window and locate your peg element, this is easily done by selecting the timeline track label for the peg element. Grab the peg element in top view and drag it toward the camera (the apex of the brown V shape is the camera’s current location). By moving the pegged objects toward the camera you essentially have scaled them up larger in this keyframe.

Step 6: if the segment between the two keyframes you just created is non-constant (a line is showing between the two keys) then you are all set, otherwise go to the first keyframe on your collapsed peg element and using the context menu select set non-constant segment to turn on the tweening. Hope this helps, please ask more questions if needed. -JK