Zooming in - Pixelized

I hope this hasn’t been answered, I went through all 4 pages but didn’t see anything like it in the topic subjects.

My question is, when I zoom in inside the camera view, my drawings appear pixelized. Is this normal? Is there a way to change this so that it’s more like Flash; no matter how far I zoom in it’s clear and looks like the vector graphic that it is?

You can turn off the OpenGL anti-aliasing with Ctrl-Alt +A or go in Preferences> OpenGL Tab > Real time Antialiasing to off.
This will display the vector lines without the pixelisation. The purpose of seeing the antialiasing is to give you an idea of what the final look will be if you output to a sequence of images or to a Quicktime movie. This would not apply only if you outputed to swf because then the vector images would stay vectorized. All other outputs are going to create bitmaps so the pixel look makes sense to know what it will look like.

When you zoom in on a drawing or scale it up, the real time antialiasing shows you the pixels getting bigger because this is what will happen if you do an extreme camera zoom for example at your scene’s resolution.

Thanks! I had a feeling that was the reason behind it but didn’t know how to change it. I turned it off and it works like you said. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as clean as it does in Flash, but I guess it will do.

In the same place of Preferences / Open GL TAB/ Real Time Antialising

Turn ON to enable

where it says

Render at this factor times the scene resolution add "5"or the number you want

It will increase the resolutions and no more distortion

Took me a while to find it, but it worth it

Be carefull with doing that because it means that it will do a render of your lines at 5 times the resolution so if you are in HDTV 1920x1080 that’s going to try to create an image of almost 10000 pixels every time you do a line!!! Yes you will have a smooth line but it probably will slow down you work.

The display of the Real-time antialiasing is meant to show and approximation of what the line will look if you leave the drawing at scene resolution (without scale or camera zoom in). The idea was that people were trying to do micro adjustments on the line like removing bumps and stuff but in reality the final output resolution would loose those time consuming ajustements. So by seeing what the line will really output at you don’t waste you time on stuff that will not show anyway.

The factor the you are talking about is good if you have a camera zoom in for example of 12 to 6 on that image. That means that you could in that case put the factor to 2 time the resolution to able to draw and have a feeling of what the lines will look at in the final.

If you output to swf this doesn’t apply because then the drawings stay as vector but if you output to QuickTime, sequence of images or Flv then it does.

Flash works a different way for the antialiasing. It’s using the graphic cards antialiasing to soften the lines in the display. The lines when you output to bitmap will not look like what it was in Flash. It will depend on the resolution of your projet. When you draw you have the feeling that the lines is smoother but you don’t really know what it’s going to look like (unless you leave it in swf of course).

You can turn on the OpenGL antialising on your graphic card to 2 or 4x and restart Animate. You will have a smooth line like in Flash however it’s at the expense of the speed of the real time Playback.