zooming in on some arbitrary point

hi guys,
after months of hand zooming on drawings i start to explore the camera move options now.

i’d like to use one camera on a peg and crucial keyframes. the scene is pretty traditional up to the point where the view should zoom in on a character who is standing to the right in the scene, i.e. not centrally positioned.

when i use the dynamic camera for this particular zoom sequence, the zoomed char requires the camera translation to his face (to the right, in this case). when i do this, the whole camera view translates with it for the whole scene. the result is that the whole film is translated off-center.

my questions:
how can i fix the camera position, before i move to the char’s face zoom?
can i do this with only one camera at all?
if yes, how can i use keyframes to apply this trick?

thanks in advance and i hope i made myself clear enough.

ok, one more:
is a mix of static and dynamic parts (keyframe to keyframe) for one camera possible?

as i further play with the camera properties, it seems to be not possible without a motion curve editing for the camera peg (which i wanted to avoid). is that right?
i wanted to achieve it with the camera fixed in one position, only with a pan to the center of the character’s face.

Hi Rob, well i’ve also come across this problem before and i couldn’t find a way to get around it. I guess you would need to use 2 cameras, but since tb can’t render 2 cams as u prolly know, i think you’d have to make a new scene and do the zoom there, then composite it somewhere else.

If you’ve found a way to do it, let me know please as that’d be helpful to me in the future, cheers


the trouble is, i can’t currently experiment due to lack of time.
but with my next ‘freetime’ animation project i’ll try to exploit the camera(s) issue. i’ll let you know then, although i can’t name the time now.