zooming in node view?

Can you please add a shortcut key like ctrl+spacebar key in zooming in and ctrl+alt+spacebar key in zooming out?

Thank you.

You can use 1 and 2 for zooming in and out like in all windows,

But you maybe want it to work in another way.

hi mattias,

those shortcut keys i’ve said is a standard on other software like flash and photoshop. There are times I switch software that’s why i don’t usually use 1 and 2 key in toon boom.


you can always change the shortcuts to whatever you like if you go to meny Edit/Preferences.

Type zoom in the search area and use the arrows to find the right shortcut you want to add or you find it in the General section.

I hope this helps.

/ Mattias

Hello !

But is there a way to use the same override zoom (ctrl + space, ctrl + alt + space) that you can use in the camera view in the node view and other windows?

I was able to do that with previous versions, and it made the workflow go a lot faster for me.