Zooming in and out


I just purchased Toonboom Animate. I played around with Toonboom Animate Pro PLE for a few months, prior to taking the plunge, and assumed that the controls would be similar.

Although I was very upset over the fact that I couldn’t port over my project, from PLE, I got over it.

Now the most glaring issue I have is figuring out the zoom tool. In the PLE version, I could zoom in and out with the 1 and 2 keys. It was a little weird, but I got used to it. But now, in Animate, there are no keys mapped to the specific zooms.

So my question is: How to I map the zoom keys to my keyboard?

Bonus question: those keys were a little awkward to use, if you can tell me how to map it to my mouse scroll wheel, that would make my day!


See pages 66-67 of the user manual; it will tell how to set up custom shortcuts

That’s odd - the generic zoom should still be set to 1 and 2 for Animate.

Nonetheless, if you need to set any custom shortcuts, you can do so through Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts tab.

There’s no way at this time to attach the zoom to the scroll wheel.

When you install there is a pop up window that asks if you want to use Flash based short cuts or something along those lines… If you clicked on that it would have changed it to alt+z I think.

You can check what your shortcuts are set to, and switch between the presets, at any time by going to Edit > Preferences. In the shortcuts tab, there is a drop-down list where you can choose Flash shortcuts, Harmony shortcuts, or Studio shortcuts.