Zoom Tool in Node View - Feature Request

I’m a pretty newbie to Toon Boom Harmony world, so it’s a bit early to submit feature request but I really want zoom tool in node view.
I know the short cut key (1/2 on numpad) to zoom in/out in node view but it’s more handy to be able to use zoom tool, ideally with short cut like Ctrl + Spacebar.

Is it just me?

If you think it’s more handy to press ctrl + spacebar instead of 1 and 2 just go to the Preferences > Shortcuts and change the shortcuts for Zoom In and Zoom Out.

Am I understanding your problem? Because pressing one key is more handy than pressing two, no?

If you use a tablet, like an Intuos or a Cintiq you can also set buttons to zoom in and zoom out (or any other task). I think by default a tablet with a ring will zoom in and out when you make a circular movement in it. You can have functions assigned to buttons specific to Harmony, Photoshop, etc.

Thank you for your comment, Icanau.

Your understanding is correct. I think I need a brand new muscle memory for Toon Boom shortcut keys!

By the way, my real problem is that it’s buggy when I use shortcut key(Ctrl + Spacebar + Alt) in Node view by mistake. So my cursol is locked as hand tool after that bug and the only fix for that is to restart Harmony.
Hope this will fix in the next release.