Zoom tool for Bezier Editor & Improved Zoom for Timeline

Bezier Zoom:
I’m always using the Bezier Editor to do easing on rotation for my puppet’s limbs. These animations are 6000 frames long sometimes and it feels silly to open the bezier editor and see the whole 6000 frame timeline, instead of a view more useful and editable near the current frame. I’m grateful for the hotkeys: 3, 4, 5,6, Ctrl + and Ctrl - to be able to zoom in and resize. It would just be more convenient if there were a magnifying glass like Photoshop’s where you just drag it around the area you want to see and it zooms in for you. Maybe figure a way to leave the zoom scale at the same rate when you open it back up instead of the scale showing the entire set of animation frames. So my request would be that there is a button inside the bezier editor that enables a magnifying glass for custom use, as well as a button to reset the zoom or fit the zoom vertically or horizontally. Thanks! This will save me some serious time!

Timeline magnification:
Currently, the little magnifying glass at the bottom left of the timeline lets me zoom in and out to make the frames small or large on the timeline. Maybe it’s just me, but the biggest size of the frames I care to use is at the 1/8th mark from the left. Especially when I’m doing a 6000 frame animation, I frequently need to slide from the 1/8th mark to the zero or 1/64th and back. Trying to slide between these timeline scales is difficult and jumpy when the computer is using it’s memory on the large size of the animation file. I would suggest making the zoom slider area longer so it’s easier to get from medium to tiny and back. That, or just make the first half of the slider area capable of doing what now is only the first 1/8th of the slider scaling area.

On Harmony and to a lesser extend in Animate Pro you can use a Set Ease for multiple parameters to do your ease in/out. You select the initial keyframe, then use the QSAscript for Set Ease on AP or on Harmony you select it in the Timeline Toolbar. Adjust your ease in the different parameters (angle for example). This saves you from finding the curve. Not for all situation but I didn’t know if you knew about this.You have also the 1,2 shortcuts to Zoom in/out. You can use also the middle button with space to do the zoom/resize.In the Timeline line you can use the 1,2 keys again and sometimes you could use the split Timeline to have one side with the full 6000 frames and the other side with a close up area.

Thank you!