Zoom Limited!


Hopefully someone can help with this basic problem:

I have a number of drawings (layers) of statues in a line - like on Easter Island. I want to start a shot REALLY CLOSE on the first one then slowly zoom out along the line to reveal the other statues… only the camera won’t allow me to zoom in past a certain point (Number 10 in the Function Editor to be exact).

This isn’t close enough for me. So how can I get closer?

I’m guessing it will have to do with positioning pegs in 3D space but… maybe there’s an easier way. Just asking.

Thanks in advance, to anyone that can help.


ALEX ::slight_smile:

Well, as you already said, attach your camera to a peg -
at frame one move into the white of the eye (hope that is close enough)
at frame 100 (or any) choose the distance you like.

For a smooth movement choose Ease in/out under Velocity in the Function Editor and adjust a little if necessary.


Hit there,

If you still have problems look at how I did it in the feature demo Camera FX movie.

Hope it will help.


Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Love the demo.

Easy to follow and understand.

Hope there will me more to come.